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Hi, I’m Pamela J. Hobart: a philosophical life coach who helps intellectuals to clarify their thinking and values, so they can make decisions and commitments without cognitive dissonance.

I’ve studied philosophy for 15 years in a sometimes desperate attempt to figure out what is good and true in this mixed up world.

In fact, I’ve thought through basically everything that’s ever happened to me in an abstract way: career changes, marriage, divorce, marriage, childbirth, bereavement.

Nothing is un-philosophizable. Nothing.

As a bona fide OCD diagnosee, I know what the conventional mental health industry has to offer. Cognitive-behavioral therapy granted me something close to sanity, an enormous gift that just keeps on giving.

But sometimes you need someone to get on your level intellectually. That excessively friendly therapist who nods and validates everything you ever say, or the shrink who just hands out the SSRIs, may not be willing (or even able) to do the job.

When my dad was diagnosed out of the blue with terminal brain cancer in 2018, I wanted to talk to someone about death and dying in a specifically philosophical way.

So, I hired a “philosophical counselor” who helped me straighten up my thoughts on illness and death. You can hire me to do that sort of thing for you.

Unresolved intellectual issues can and do impact people for the worse:

  • Maybe you’re not sure if you’re living up to your professed moral values.
  • Perhaps uncertainty about values prevents you from making commitments in the first place,  or keeps you from enjoying yourself.
  • Maybe you’re having trouble deciding something, and Google and Reddit aren’t helping.
  • Maybe you’ve been thinking in circles so long you wish you could just think less, period.

Basically, if you like thinking about your life in an abstract way (or just can’t stop doing it anyways), you’re in the right place.

Browse my blog, check out some ways we can work together, or give me your email address so I can send you my writing once in a while.

Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I’m not a credentialed life coach either (feature not a bug, IMHO). Check out my ethics statement instead.

I hold a BA in philosophy (magna cum laude, my dudes)… and that’s about it.