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Personal Update: 18 May 2019

Personal Update: 18 May 2019

I'm having a baby (again). 

In case you haven't been tracking bump progress on Instagram, I'm over 36 weeks pregnant with Protobart #3, a boy. 

We're... as ready as we'll ever be!

I'm taking a writing course. 

On a whim, I enrolled in Write of Passage because I'm a big fan of productivity expert Tiago Forte (who's co-teaching it with David Perell). 

It's conveniently timed to end one week before my due date. So I guess this is the first time I'm not hoping the baby shows up a little early.

Although I had put a website at for the first time earlier this year, it's recently been revamped in keeping with my new writing and professional goals. Huzzah.

I'm the Life Coach for Smart People now. 

(want to talk for free?)

My transition into life coaching continues apace. There's *so* much wrong with this industry, you guys - I'm psyched to explain everything and do it right (ah, the fresh confidence of a beginner...)

I have a little space for more freebie calls- this is NOT A SALES CALL I swear, just a one-off opportunity to catch up and for me to keep getting comfortable talking to various people on the phone.

Send a message to let me know if you want to talk for free/no strings at: 

  • Tuesday 5/21 at 12pm EST

  • Tuesday 5/21 at 8pm EST

I published some things:



Got thoughts on life coaching, character development, global depopulation, or anything else? 

Drop me a line - I'd love to hear from you.

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