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What Now?

What Now?

You're not in crisis. Your life is going pretty well (probably, you think, usually?)

And yet, a few "first-world problems" keep bothering you. Any of these sound familiar?

  • Should I stick with my partially good job/career, or should I switch?
  • Do I consume too much #content in comparison to what I create?
  • Am I too professionally (or personally) risk-averse... a coward?
  • Why do I waste my free time in stupid low-value ways?
  • Are my mood oscillations a sign that something's wrong, or normal for me?
  • Am I "creative" or not? Why don't I implement any of my ideas?
  • What's the point of all this "optionality" anyways? Why can't I commit?
  • Is all work bullshit? Is some bullshit worse than other bullshit?  
  • Why don't I have better friends? Should I settle for normies or hold out for people more like me?
  • Am I behind at life? Will I just feel this way forever?

Philosophy without action is toothless, action without philosophy is blind

How to live well is the foundational philosophical question. It requires philosophical tools to address: practical wisdom, moral virtue, critical thinking, and the art of the all-things-considered decision.

And yet… philosophical ideas about a life well-lived have serious practical implications:

  • How should you spend your time and money?
  • What’s a priority and what can be set to the side?
  • Is it important to work on your personal weaknesses, or can you ignore them?
  • Can you trust your own judgment, and when?
  • How should you balance the needs of your family (or the world!) with your own?
  • Is your life pretty much best case scenario already, or should you change something?

Don't put the cart before the horse, leaping into scattershot action, or just stay put like Buridan's ass. We can do philosophical inquiry and life experimentation at the same time.

Introducing: What Now? Life Experimentation for Overthinkers

As an academic philosopher turned philosophical life coach (est. 2019), I’ve helped over 120 clients like you to connect their high-level philosophical uncertainties with concrete strategies for action.

I've distilled the What Now? strategy from my very most successful clients, across hundreds of hours of coaching experience. What Now? will take you from semi-idle overthinker to active, creative life-experimenter in about 3 months (8 hour-long sessions):

How does this work?

Part 1: Start with the Intro Session:

We'll get to know each other right away and begin to sketch out a strategy for approaching your unique blend (mess) of philosophical/existential/moral/practical/empirical problems.

Intro Session
This is a specially-priced one-time call to see if we’d be a good fit. (We’ll work on your stuff - not a “sales call”)

If you liked the intro session, sign on for the rest of What Now. Here's what will happen next ⬇️

Part 2: Know Thyself:

You've already got lots of experience and observations under your belt, but that stuff probably needs to be made explicit to be useful. And you also need some standards for progress that are appropriate for you. We'll explore questions like:

  • What are your strengths, can you double down on them?
  • What are your weaknesses, ought they be patched up or written off?
  • Do you have some provisional goals or values?
  • Where did they come from, have you inappropriately imported other people's standards?
  • What in here is certain and what's uncharted territory?

Part 3: Experiment Time:

Now you're ready to (temporarily) turn down the thinking and take some action. We'll choose something for you to try, in earnest, for a fixed period of time - to see what happens. Your own personal experiment might look like:

  • Writing something / start journaling
  • Working more/working less/working with better focus
  • Starting a (thoughtful, not compulsive) note-taking system
  • Reaching out to some interesting people
  • Exercising for the first time/in a different way
  • "Morning routine"
  • Re-purposing the evening time that you usually waste
  • Getting into something creative/artsy
  • Establishing new personal boundaries
  • Making space for deliberate relaxation/downtime
  • Eating with a different structure (e.g. buying groceries, then using them)

The idea is to gain insight and make progress towards living a better life even if the experiment itself is a failure.

By experimenting on purpose and with guidance, you'll get new information about what's feasible and worth it for you, and what's not, rather than just coasting in your old ways via inertia.

Part 4: Troubleshooting:

The first version of an experiment usually isn't a smashing success. You know: you forget what you were doing, something unexpected comes up, the technique doesn't work, your inner critic gets the best of you... it's a jungle out there.

When people are experimenting on their own, the experiment often dies here: it feels bad to fail, it's hard to try again, it's hard to clearly analyze what went wrong and what might work better and get back in the right.

Working with me helps you to keep track of what you're trying and why. We'll figure out whether you're just "making excuses" or whether something is legitimately in your way. Sometimes, we'll persevere. Other times, failed experiments reveal that you should consider adjusting your goal. It just depends.

This way, you can try things and learn more about yourself without feeling like a haphazard disaster or wasting any time. There's a method to this madness.

Part 5: Sending Off:

The good news/bad news situation is that experimenting in life never really ends.

With new knowledge and habits under your belt following What Now?, you'll face your next uncertainties with a self-directed, creative, resilient attitude. I'll do everything I can to launch you into the next phase of life with reusable tools and attitudes for thinking clearly and experimenting effectively.  

Some clients, especially those with executive differences (i.e. ADHD), are more likely to want/need occasional ongoing assistance in taking stock of current circumstances, considering options, and implementing changes iteratively.

In any case, once you've completed What Now? I'll invite you to book further one-off sessions on any schedule that suits your needs - no ongoing commitment. I'd be happy for you to pop in for a tune up, but I'd also be happy to know you're out there doing your thing 🙌

Ready to get thinking and acting? Start with the Intro Session here:

Intro Session
This is a specially-priced one-time call to see if we’d be a good fit. (We’ll work on your stuff - not a “sales call”)

Already had an intro session + ready for more? Sign up for What Now? here:

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