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Async Mini Consult

Are you stuck on something... but NOT willing/able/interested in committing to a time- and money-intensive coaching relationship?

Or, just want to "pick [my] brain" about philosophy, life coaching, entrepreneurship, etc? 🧠

The Async Mini Consult might be for you!

Because, sometimes, even a little bit of input can go a weirdly long way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How It Works:

  1. Check out below - I'll soon welcome you by email with a link to an optional new client questionnaire.
  2. You fill out the new client questionnaire and/or write me a regular email about your situation - whatever info you want to provide, nothing you don't.
  3. Receive your response - I'll email you back within 2 business days with whatever I got.

What To Expect:

Realistically - everyone's situation is different, and we probably aren't going to like... revamp your entire life in one email volley.

However, in my response you can expect to receive at least a couple of the following:

  • One of your premises/beliefs/postulates challenged
  • Pushback against any all-or-nothing/black & white thinking
  • Ideas for some kind of mini life experimentation that might help or provide new information
  • Corroboration that your experience is normal-ish/not totally bizarre
  • Ideas of what other similar clients have tried (with success, or not)
  • Relevant reading recommendations

What Not To Expect:

Except for my official response to the Async Mini Consult, I will not email you individually again to sell you more stuff, to follow up for accountability, etc. (You may still receive group emails, if you're on my email list, but of course you can unsubscribe at any time).

If you later decide that you're interested in beginning a full-fledged coaching relationship, cool, we can talk about that separately - ball's in your court. Otherwise, it's a one and done.  

Please Note:

The Async Mini Consult does not establish a proper coaching relationship between us. It is more like a teeny tiny spot-check of consultation, hence the name.

(Still, I will absolutely keep anything you share with me completely confidential - in fact, feel free to buy this anonymously, pay with someone else's card, etc).

This simple container allows me to set aside time & energy for providing thoughtful responses to readers who are genuinely seeking options to move forward in their thinking & their lives.

Sound good?

Let's go!

Async Mini Consult