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Work With Me

Book a phone or video intro session:

As a way for us to get to know each other before rushing into anything, I offer an introductory one-off session: nicknamed "the False Belief Fix-Up.”

During this ~45 minute call ($99), we’ll work to identify at least 1 false belief/questionable assumption/otherwise not-useful thought that’s causing trouble for you in your life, and put our heads together on what you might try thinking and/or doing instead. This process will provide an example of how philosophical life coaching works in practice.

The intro session isn’t free, because I want both of us to take the opportunity seriously. But it’s no strings attached & without a hard sell. You’ll be able to see my availability and schedule/reschedule yourself.


(If you like your intro session and want to continue, we can work together on any schedule that suits your needs - here’s my standard menu of options)

Coaching by email:

I also offer coaching by email - but it’s not for everyone. You may be a good candidate for coaching by email if:

  • You’re looking to revitalize an existing writing practice (e.g. morning pages)
  • You have performance anxiety/nervousness about speaking with a coach live
  • You highly value having a written record of our exchanges

You’re probably not a good candidate for coaching by email if:

  • You’re self-conscious about your writing
  • You have an avoidant personality style or procrastinate often
  • Email already feels like a burdensome chore for you


  • 1 week of email coaching is enough to get you unstuck on something: this is the same price as 1 live coaching session and can be expected to have similar results as a 1-hour conversation.
  • 1 month of email is for committed writers who seek a unique opportunity to reflect and strategize in writing: put on your thinking cap and charge up that laptop, let’s do this.

Having trouble choosing?

Don’t let waffling about what to choose keep you from getting started!

The benefits of coaching can compound dramatically, if you have any doubt just book the regular intro session and let’s talk about it.

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Something else?

Interested in another type of collaboration (speaking, consulting, etc)?

Contact me, I’m highly interested in serendipitous opportunities.