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Existential Sandwich

Existential Sandwich

Hey there, I'm Pamela J. Hobart, an academic philosopher turned philosophical life coach in Austin, Texas.

I coined the term "Existential Sandwich" back in the fall of 2020 to describe a pattern I'd noticed in my very intelligent, sensitive, and overthinky clients:

(You can read the original Existential Sandwich post here ⬇️ ).

The Existential Sandwich
The existential sandwich is when someone faces regular, day-to-day concerns that actually reveal complicated, abstract existential dilemmas. Virtually every client I meet has an existential sandwich of some variety or another on his or her plate. You probably do, too! Tackling existential sandwiche…

As of summer 2022, I've named my email newsletter Existential Sandwich.

Readers appreciate my abstract yet humane approach to topics around productivity, life hacking, maturing as a human adult, and living well in the broadest possible sense.

Though I do sell coaching and mini-courses, I won't spam you - this blog/newsletter stands alone as my humble yet rewarding contribution to the Personal Development Discourse (it needs some help...)

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Existential Sandwich

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